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Fred repeats whatever you say.
Fred is the ANTI-“I am the most nice” Character. Doesnt mean he is not funny.
Fred like to be controverse.
Fred may be wrong for stiff and boring people.
Fred may be wrong for kids under 99 Years
Fred may be right, if you like flying pigs.
Poke him to make different Moves.
– Make him Laugh
– Make him Dance
– Make him Sing
– Start a Firework to make him fly
– View his Talent to make a Spagat
– Poke him fast 10 Times and he will surprise you
– and more ..

*** Also you was interested to record your own sounds & speeches to my movements, now you can ! Assign your own sounds, records to each of my movements and repeat them infront of your friends, thats fun. (only on iPad)
Fred is different, Fred is strange… You will love Fred 🙂

Change all his Voices (only on iPad)



  1. A good app awesome….
    In future am looking for an app similar to this one but with a cute smart face ….
    Thanks if u can…!!???!!!??!!?!!

  2. So funny

  3. Talkin Fred ? Well he’s not that impressive I mean like idk how to make his moe hawk change colors !!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗 billy bob

  4. I love talking Fred I figured out how !!!

  5. Maghifique

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