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The cutest chipmunk ever, repeats everything you say!
It’s a fun app, a soundboard and a cool clock at once.
Typical Reviews:
– “I like all this talking apps, but Chippy is the best with all this lovely details”.
– “He is so cuuuute!”
– “Chippy makes us laugh out loud”
– “I love Chippy!”
– “The cutest chipmunk ever met!”
– “He repeats so funny, my kids cry of joy”
Whistle to him and listen how beautiful he imitates you.
No need to press a button, just speak and Chippy opens his ears to listen you.
And should u like something he did say very funny you can even let repeat him that.
His Eyes follow your finger and with his blinking eyes he looks like real living.
Place him beside you on your desk and watch what he is doing.
There is also a clock, so you can keep him on all time.
He helps you to relax and have fun in the same time.
Tickle and poke him, laugh with him or just enjoy while he is
watching and blinking on you.
You can also setup his Voice to very deep, have fun!
Other Reviews:
– “First i thoughts: “just another repeating app”, but when I had Chippy on my Desk i regocnized the details and really he is the best.
* iPod Users remember: You need a microphone to speak with him. Best on iPhone or iPod Touch with earphone and included mic.


  1. Thanks!!!

  2. Thi is good

  3. Great app, highly recommended.

  4. My grandson loves this one!

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