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Google published 1+, Dave deBronkart talks about the e-patient, the BodyBrowser does give you an insight in the human body and you will see how to create stunning background tiles online.

Google +1

The Day started with Google PLUS or also short +1. I got an Invitation and was lucky.

The official Site to start with is:

First I was a bit confused about how to use, also quiet fast i discovered, the great options to share and spread the word.

Still looking how to specify the small image that is shown when someone did hit the +1 Button on my Homepage. I asked for help in:

Watch Video Next I surfed some Ted Videos and came on Dave deBronkart: Meet e-Patient Dave.

Its about that patient comes together and does share their informations. like specialist doctors and/or hospitals. some examples are: or

Thumbnail Inspirated from the speech I looked on

very impressive zoom and discovery ( browser is the right word ) for the whole human body.

Background Tiles

Than while working on my chatside I needed some tile background and found here two very good sides to create background tiles for your own homepage online and free.


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